Business Recovery Solutions 

If you are currently experiencing an active cyber incident, you can find help with recovery by contacting one of our trusted partners.

The Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) works with industry-leading cyber security providers to bring tools and services that improve the security of the small businesses we serve. Check back often as new items are added. Please note, not all tools and services will work for each business, and CSN is not liable for any of the services purchased. Consult an IT service provider to ensure you have the security a business needs. 

CSN may derive some revenue from the promotion of these opportunities. 


Get Help With An Incident

The National Cybersecurity Society is a nonprofit organization focused on helping small businesses navigate the complex world of IT security. We provide access to affordable  solutions, technical expertise and educational tools – all the resources you will need to keep your business cyber safe.

Find Qualified Recovery Services

TechStak is a tech marketplace that connects small-to-medium sized businesses with trusted high-quality IT service providers saving them time and from costly mistakes. Our goal is to empower today’s modern SMBs and help them make confident tech partnering decisions through our network of hand-vetted industry experts.

Get Help With An Incident

Our mission at WhiteHawk is to help businesses defend against, respond to, and mitigate the impact of online crime and fraud via our nationally accessible online platform and virtual Cyber Analysts. The WhiteHawk Cybersecurity Exchange is dedicated to enabling small and midsize businesses and organizations to identify their cyber security risks (i.e. with a complimentary cyber risk profile) and get the protection they need at a price they can afford.

Secure Your Business

Rocus Networks is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and services. Rocus CyberFusion™ is their fully managed prevention, detection and response security solution that integrates all the necessary controls, management, and 24/7 monitoring to protect against cyberattacks. With the use of machine learning, automation, and a highly-skilled, centralized operations center team, CyberFusion™ provides affordable, enterprise-level security to an organization of any size.

Train Your Staff

More than ever, victims of cyber crime need to learn what to do to protect themselves from urgent IT security problems such as phishing, ransomware and other types of social engineering attacks. They need to be trained by an expert like Kevin Mitnick, and after training, stay on their toes, keeping security top of mind. KnowBe4 is the provider of the world’s largest integrated security awareness training and simulated phishing platform with over 21,000+ customers. Based on Kevin’s 30+ year unique first-hand hacking experience, you now have a platform to better manage today's social engineering attacks.