Denial of Service – Website Hacked



The more national reporting data that’s collected, the better the chance law enforcement has to catch the criminals and decrease online crime. Reporting a fraudulent incident will also assure that you have accurate documentation in order to aid in your recovery. Please consider reporting your incident to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).  

Once processed, complaints filed via their website may be referred to federal, state, local, or international law enforcement or regulatory agencies for possible investigation. Any investigation opened on any complaint is initiated at the discretion of the law enforcement and/or regulatory agency receiving the complaint information. Reporting the incident at IC3 will not result in a call back for assistance.

The FAQs about reporting can be found here. Please read the FBI/IC3 privacy policy here.


Business Recovery Solutions

The following resources have been gathered and vetted in order to better serve you. These resources have been chosen to help simplify the process of recovery after a cyber incident has taken place. With these resources you may need to contact organizations outside Results will vary depending on your circumstances.

If your business does not have a staff person who can handle the incident, contact an IT service provider. Click on Business Security Solutions to find one. 

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Business Security Solutions

Once the proper organizations have been notified and you are on the road to recovery, it is time to reinforce your cybersecurity. Let’s take action and strengthen your cybersecurity with the following resources and tools.

Hiring a Web Host by FTC

Email Extortion Campaigns Threaten Distributed Denial of Service Attacks: FBI/IC3 PSA

Sign Up For Your Free KnowBe4 Domain Spoof Test (Only for business administrator in charge of email)

Use KnowBe4’s Domain Doppelgänger tool makes to identify if your website has potential “evil domain twins

Secure your business router

Other Resources